When to choose hybrid applications

When to choose hybrid applications are gaining lot of popularity as more and more enterprises and companies prefer apps running on multiple platforms. They want to reach all target audience which may include iOS- , Android- , WinPhone- or BlackBerry-based devices users. Besides vast audience coverage, hybrid application development is believed to save both time and money.

Hybrid application development – write once for all platforms


Hybrid applications are developed in the same technologies used for websites and mobile web implementations and work within a native container of mobile device.


Choose hybrid apps development development if:

Surely, hybrids have their advantages and disadvantages and choosing the kind of app development you have to know the following:

  • project’s goal
  • the target audience of the app
  • the budget

Hybrid applications are more economical than native applications as their development is easier and the usage on multiple platforms is possible, but native apps show better performance speed and graphics.

All in all, hybrid applications are the best choice for you if:

  • You want to cover multiple platforms
  • You will use the following device features: camera, geolocation features or accelerometer
  • You expect the application to work when the device is off-line
  • Quality of graphics and speed is not a big deal for you

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